1. In case of equipment failure

If a tool breaks down during work, it is very important not to open it yourself and, in any case, not to try to repair it! It is important to call our office right away, inform us that the tool is broken, and bring it to our warehouse. Then our experienced staff will find out the cause of the breakdown or send the tool to a service center. Based on the results of the examination, it becomes clear whose fault the breakdown is and the culprit pays for the repair

2. Warranties and obligations

In case of a power tool malfunction due to natural wear and tear or defects, there are no claims against the Lessee!

-The Renter is responsible only for the external condition of the equipment!

Do not open the tool, do not break the seals!

In case of severe contamination of the equipment - the Renter pays for the elimination of the damage caused!


If within 1 hour of renting the equipment you notice a breakdown or the tool does not work properly, you can exchange it or we will refund you in full.